The Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences (APCF) has been asked to grant its scientific sponsorship to events held in Portugal in the area of forensic sciences. The importance and responsibility of this act justifies, on the part of APCF, the need to regulate this attribution. Therefore, it is necessary to create rules that are used in a uniform way for all scientific events (e.g., conferences, courses, workshops, congresses and lectures) that request the sponsorship of the APCF.

The file shall be submitted to the APCF and the assessment shall be based on the following principles:

  1. The organizing committee of the scientific event must formalize, in writing, the request for sponsorship at least two months in advance of the start date of the event.
  2. Scientific sponsorship will only be awarded to entities that propose to organize events within the scope of forensic sciences in Portugal.
  3. The form at the bottom of this page must be fill out and the required documents must be sent.
  4. The event should not include speakers whose scientific and ethical reputation is publicly questioned.
  5. Failure to comply with the previous items determines the automatic refusal of the requested sponsorship, which will be communicated in writing to the event's organizing committee.
  6. In the evaluation process, the history of the organizing entity will also be considered.
  7. The assessment awarded is valid only for the event in question and has no effect on subsequent achievements.
  8. The decision of APCF will be communicated in writing to the organizing committee of the event within a maximum period of thirty days after the date of receipt of the request.
  9. After completion of the process, the organiser is authorised to advertise, in the information documents, the attribution of the sponsorship granted by APCF through the placement of the APCF logo. It is accepted that the request for sponsorship is included in the provisional program; in the definitive program, APCF only agrees to be cited if sponsorship has been granted.
  10. The organizing committee of the event must send to APCF a copy of the final program with a mention of the sponsorship granted.
  11. APCF will place on its websitethe mention of the scientific events targeted for sponsorship.
  12. The improper use of APCF name or logo, in any capacity, will be subject to legal action.
  13. APCF will refuse to sponsor any initiative that does not respect the Declaration of Helsinki (as amended) or the Charter of Human Rights.