The Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences is apolitical, non-discriminatory and non-profit.

APCF aims to:
a) The promotion, development and dissemination of scientific research in the field of Forensic and Criminal Sciences;
b) The promotion of the professional class of Graduates, Masters and Doctorates in Forensic Sciences;
c) To cement the importance of Forensic and Criminal Sciences at national and international level;
d) To represent its members before the competent authorities in seeking the regulation of their professional activity;
e) To represent its members in the defence of their statutory, social, economic and deontological interests;
f) To take part in the definition of the professional status and conditions for the exercise of the activity, encouraging and disseminating forensic expertise and its importance, as well as the roles that students of Forensic and Criminal Sciences can play with other professional associations;
g) Integrate study committees with the Government to safeguard the importance of the class;
h) Issue opinions on its expert activity, when consulted;
i) Scientific, pedagogical and expert collaboration with other institutions, public and private.

In order to achieve its objectives, APCF will use the means it deems appropriate and will take the necessary and timely actions, including:
a) The design and development of scientific projects, alone or jointly with other institutions;
b) The holding of congresses, seminars or other similar activities and the encouragement of the participation of its members in initiatives of the same type, in Portugal or abroad;
c) The publication of scientific articles and other dissemination and research works;
d) The performance of expert opinions and consultancy at the request of public or private entities, or private individuals;
e) The granting of scholarships, research grants and scientific prizes.