Unidade de Investigação – Forensic Sciences Research (FSR)

This research unit is integrated and makes part of IINFACTS – Institute of Research and Advanced Training in Health Sciences and Technologies, University Institute of Health Sciences (IUCS), CESPU, CRL, Gandra, Portugal.


COORDINATOR: Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira | ORCID; further details in www.ricardinis.pt
OVERVIEW – Nowadays Forensic Sciences acquires great importance in several scientific areas such as medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, biology, etc.. It refers broadly to the multidisciplinary use of science in matters of law. It is used to identify a growing number of specialties and subspecialties, particularly in medicine and life sciences, that applies scientifically valid and legally admissible methods to clarify evidence that is being examined, or may be in the future, at judicial and judiciary level, under criminal or some other branch of the law. In its broadest sense is the study of the person as victim of violence.
The research area of Forensic Sciences Research has as general objectives the promotion, development and dissemination of scientific research in the field of Forensic Sciences in a multidisciplinary approach, cementing the importance of forensic sciences at national and international level. For the achievement of its objectives the FSR aims to develop scientific projects in the field of forensic sciences, congresses, seminars or other similar activities, active publication of scientific articles and other documents and to provide through its research conditions for conducting expertise and advice upon request of public or private entities or individuals. The research unit is composed by two research lines: in vivo and postmortem research lines.

GROUP LEADER – Teresa Maria Salgado de Magalhães |teresa.magalhaes@iucs.cespu.pt | ORCID
MAJOR INTERESTS – in its broadest sense this research line aims to study the living person as victim of violence focusing in any mechanism that can be useful to explain the disease and other phenomenon with forensic repercussions.
Specifically the aims of this research line are:

  • To understand the phenomena of domestic violence and sexual assault, studying victims’ and aggressors’ profiles, as well as the environment in which violence occurs;
  • Development of guidelines for biological sample collection for DNA analysis;
  • Studies on abuse of children, namely sexual aggression
  • Forensic Nursing

Áurea Carvalho | aurea.carvalho@hotmail.com | ORCID
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MSc Students
Andreia Machado Brito da Costa | andreia.machado2403@gmail.com | ORCID
Sofia Fernandes Franco | sofiafranco16@gmail.com | ORCID
Diana Catarina Teixeira Campelo | dianacatarinatc@gmail.com | ORCID

BSc Students
Ana Filipa de Azevedo Pereira | filipazevedo97@outlook.com | orcid.org/0000-0002-2525-6243
Armindo Jorge Lopes de Castro | orcid.org/0000-0002-5696-1658
Carla Guedes | carladianaguedes@hotmail.com | orcid.org/0000-0001-7385-2763
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Daniela Filipa Alves Neves | maatpt1@gmail.com | orcid.org/0000-0001-5783-7977
Diana Castelhano Martins | dids.martins.97@gmail.com | orcid.org/0000-0002-4253-847X

Research Technician
Patrícia Silva | patricia.silva@cespu.pt | ORCID

GROUP LEADER  Inês Alexandra Costa de Morais Caldas | ORCID
MAJOR INTERESTS – in its broadest sense this research line focusing the study the etiology of violent death (i.e., accident, suicide, homicide), the cause, mechanism and circumstances of death. One particular object is to develop models devoted to estimate the time since death and toxicological methods to quantify drugs in alternative samples such as hair.
Specifically the aims of this research line are:

  • Forensic and Clinical Toxicology and the study of toxicodynamic mechanisms and toxicokinetics of xenobiotics (e.g., focusing in the metabolism of psychoactive substances) and factors that influence them (e.g., pharmacogenomics and membrane transporters and intracellular enzymes);
  • development of analytical techniques to become a reference center in the diagnosis of intoxications and therapeutic drug monitoring;
  • Forensic Anthropology and Odontology namely, forensic age estimation in the living, focusing on dental techniques and environmental factors, and postmortem, focusing on several techniques, namely on the neonatal line
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Forensic Pathology, namely the determination of time since death and the manner and cause of dead
  • Forensic Genetics and the development of new methods for DNA analysis in putrefied samples and new biomarkers of disease
  • Forensic Botanics and Palynology, namely the study of palynomorphs, specifically pollen and plant spores, that will provide important information not only about the provenance of a questioned sample but also on the existence or non-existence of relationship between victims, suspects, witnesses, objects and/or locations
  • Forensic Social Work, Victimology and intergenerational transmission of violence and dating violence
  • Forensic Serology and biomarkers of the inflammatory, oxidative stress and erythropoietic disturbances by using different models (e.g., obesity, psoriasis);
  • Forensic Entomology and the study of the insect community (and its succession patterns) associated to cadavers in order to calculate the postmortem interval;
  • Forensic Geology and characterization of the unique, mineral and organic, signature of earth materials, in order to perform the association / dissociation of a victim or a suspect to an object or a crime scene;
  • Document and Handwriting Examination aims to determine the authenticity or reveal forgery of a document, signature or text, analyzing for example inks, printing processes, paper and handwriting;
  • Forensic Ballistics, namely gunshot residues (GSR), firing distance estimation, bullet and cartridge casings identification, weapons transformation and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED);
  • Forensic Computation and the study of algorithms and signal processing methodologies related to generic pattern analysis, particularly in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis, handwriting comparison, forensic voice comparison and information security.

Alexandra Teixeira | xana.teixeira@outlook.com | ORCID
Américo dos Santos Afonso | americo.afonso@imdc.pt | ORCID
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PhD Students
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Research Technician
Patrícia Silva | patricia.silva@cespu.pt | ORCID